Among fortifications of SouthEast Europe, Belgrade in its history plays an unseparable role in the events wich had, over past two thousand years, influenced destinies of European states and nations. Positioned on an exceptionally suitable site, on crossing of European roads towards East, it had, for centuries, served as the strongpoint of defence, as well as the startpoint of conquering campains

Author's goal is to bring forth to public the atmosphere of medieval Belgrade (Serbian: Beograd; Hungarian: Nandorfehervar), at the peak of its development, starting from the rule of Serbian Despot Stefan Lazarevic from 1404 to the Turkish conquest of Belgrade in 1521. Attention in ongoing project is to show famous siege in 1456 when Janos Hunyadi (English: John Hunyadi) and Giovanni da Capistrano (English: John Capistrano) succesfully defended the city from Ottoman Turks

Accomplished Projects
"Pictures of the Lost City"
Digital Art Design from the special exhibition "Pictures of the Lost City", screened at the European Heritage Days, Belgrade - September 11-19, 2004
"The Most Beautiful Place..."
Digitally Animated Movie - “The Most Beautiful Place since the Days of Yore" - digital reconstruction of the Fortress of Belgrade as it looked in the 15 th century.
Ongoing project
"Siege of Belgrade 1456"
Digitally Animated Long Play Movie - Covers events which decided the fate of Europe in the most interesting siege of one city since the fall of Constantinople.
Professional Project Solutions
2D/3D Professional Service
Using extensive experience in 2D/3D visualization and animation, architecture, history, movie-making, project research and coordination that author has obtained working in self-initiated projects, now with a team can bring any kind of lo-hi profile project into light
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